The Great River Passage Project planning and design team is led by the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department.

The Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department – Since the 1972 acquisition of Crosby Park, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has been quietly transforming its vast riverfront holdings into a series of separate river front parks. Beginning with the 1974 Hidden Falls Regional Park Master Plan, staff Landscape Architects working with a multitude of citizen organizations, have led the planning, design and development  of the numerous parks along Saint Paul’s 17 mile stretch of the river. Until now, a comprehensive Master Plan of this vast Riverfront Park system has never been completed. This Master Plan process will take a holistic look at the entire river corridor with the idea of creating one continuous Great River Passage that is at once more urban, more natural and more connected.


Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Great River Passage Staff

Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation
The Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation has been working to connect Saint Paul’s people, places and neighborhoods to the Mississippi River since 1994. The non-profit organization engaged thousands of citizens in developing the Saint Paul on the Mississippi Development Framework and its Great River Park chapter, which will help guide the master planning process. The Riverfront Corporation has worked in partnership with the City of Saint Paul to envision, plan, fund and implement 15 years of focused riverfront revitalization efforts.

Wenk Associates, Inc. (Denver, CO) – Lead Consultant | Landscape Architect and Planner
Wenk Associates has contributed to the design and restoration of urban waterways and associated public and civic spaces for over 25 years. Our firm has traditionally approached urban waterways and corridors as working landscapes, developing plans that harness natural forces while serving important civic and environmental functions.

Hoisington Koegler Group (Minneapolis, MN) – Landscape Architecture/Planning
HKGi has over twenty-seven years of experience designing high quality and distinctive public and private spaces. HKGi brings their knowledge of Saint Paul and the Mississippi riverfront as a great value to the team.


Barr Engineering Company (Minneapolis, MN) – Civil/Environmental/Ecological Consultation
Barr Engineering Company was founded as a hydraulic and hydrologic engineering firm.  The firm will guide the ecological restoration and management planning, Mississippi River stream assessment and ecological issues, and support Wenk Associates in sustainable stormwater management.


Charlier Associates, Inc. (Boulder, CO) – Transportation and Trails and Connectivity Planning
Charlier Associates is a multimodal transportation planning firm specializing in innovative approaches to improving community mobility. Their professional practice strives to create “great streets” and vibrant, healthy communities where the quality of daily life is positively enhanced by careful planning and design of the built environment.


Mithun (Seattle, WA) – Architecture, Urban Design and Sustainability Strategies
Mithun is a national leader and advocate for sustainable design and recognized for setting new standards in the development of environmentally intelligent communities. Few firms match Mithun’s long-standing commitment to resource efficiency, urban revitalization and sustainable design.


HR&A Advisors (HR&A) (New York, NY) – Economic and Management Strategies
HR&A is an economic development and real estate consulting firm with significant experience in operations and maintenance planning for parks. The firm focuses on four primary practice areas: Real Estate Advisory, Economic Development and Public Policy, Transportation and Capital Programs, and Sustainability. Their work has allowed hundreds of public and private clients to transform real estate and economic development concepts first into actionable plans, then into job-producing, community strengthening assets.


Tunheim Partners (Minneapolis, MN) – Marketing Strategy and Branding
Tunheim Partners is a strategic communications firm with nearly 20 years of experience. The Firm has a reputation for expertise in positioning, brand development and publicity and has worked with large and small corporations, non-profits and public interest groups.


Noble Erickson, Inc. (Denver, CO) – Wayfinding and Identity
Noble Erickson is a signage/wayfinding and graphic design firm whose expertise in research, storytelling and design, drives their ability to create compelling destination branding.  Their illustrative signage and marketing materials connect locals and visitors to the meaning and significance of regional and community resources and cultural opportunities.


The 106 Group (Saint Paul, MN) – Cultural and Historic Interpretation
For the past 17 years, the 106 Group has been nationally recognized as a leader in cultural resources management, planning, and interpretation. The 106 Group’s mission is to identify, interpret, preserve, and integrate historical, cultural, and natural resources into the planning, design, and development process for the benefit of all.


Forecast Public Art (Forecast) (Saint Paul, MN) – Public Art Consultation
Forecast is a Saint Paul-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen and advance the field of public art locally, nationally and internationally by expanding participation, supporting artists, informing audiences and assisting communities.


Little and Company (Minneapolis, MN) – Strategic Design
Little & Company is a strategic design firm that builds authentic, lasting brands from vision to expression. Client experience includes Fortune 100 companies such as Target, Microsoft, Warner Bros. and Wells Fargo, as well as nonprofits such as the United Way and Way to Grow.