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Stay informed about the project

August 2016 – Saint Paul Parks and Recreation hires new Great River Passage Manager

The City of Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation is proud to announce the hiring of a new manager to oversee the Great River Passage Initiative. Mary deLaittre has been selected to lead the Great River Passage Initiative team, which will be tasked with developing and implementing a work plan that drives progress on the goals laid out in the Great River Passage Master Plan. The Great River Passage Master Plan is based on three guiding principles, which are to make the river more natural, more urban and more connected. The Great River Passage Initiative team will also be tasked with helping to advance specific projects laid out in the plan such as the River Balcony and the Environmental Learning Center at Watergate Marina.

“I am excited to welcome Mary to the team,” said Mike Hahm, Director of Parks and Recreation. “The Mississippi River is Saint Paul’s greatest environmental and economic asset and I have full confidence that she will be a great leader to continue the work to make the river more accessible for all the city’s residents.”

deLaittre brings with her proven expertise in realizing complex civic projects. Projects range from developing and managing RiverFirst, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board led revitalization of 5.5 miles of the Mississippi River, to most recently working with the City of Wayzata in developing and implementing a strategy to realize Lake Effect Park, the enhancement of the Minnetonka lakefront, and the private funding partner Lake Effect Conservancy. She also served as Executive Director of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, where she transformed the organization to focus on its new mission, creating the Next Generation of Parks™.

“I am honored and excited to lead this bold and important initiative and look forward to working with current and future stakeholders to advance the principles and goals of the Great River Passage Master Plan,” said Mary deLaittre, Great River Passage Manager. “The opportunity to help define the central role of this great river is something I am very passionate about, and I am happy to be a part of the team.”

Mary deLaittre can be reached at Mary.deLaittre@ci.stpaul.mn.us or 651-266-6375.


April, 2016 – Planning is underway for the Saint Paul River Balcony

Part of the Great River Passage Master Plan, the Saint Paul River Balcony would run along the downtown river bluff from the Science Museum of Minnesota to Union Depot. For upcoming meetings and more detailed

information, visit the Saint Paul River Balcony Website.


February 2015 – Great River Passage Interpretative Plan

The GRP Interpretive Plan is comprised of the initial fact finding “Foundations Report,” plus additional investigations and information from other sources; including community outreach, and site visits along the river by the consultants, Parks staff and TAC members.


August 2014 – Great River Passage Interpretative Plan Foundations Report

The Great River Passage (GRP) Interpretive Plan is one of the first implementations of the GRP Master Plan. The Interpretive Plan will provide information about the historical, natural, and cultural resources along the Passage and recommendations for interpreting the stories and resources of the Mississippi River and Passage. Through the interpretive planning process, the project team will identify and engage with stakeholders and will actively seek ways to include the many cultures and communities who have knowledge and stories to share.

This Foundations Report summarizes initial public engagement efforts. From these foundations, the project team will develop the Interpretive Plan.


October 2013 – Updated Great River Passage Master Plan Now Posted!

Great River Passage Plan (All Chapters – Optimized for Web)


Past Updates

* Initial Draft

Individual Chapters

Great River Passage Plan

Please see below for links to the plan. The first link is to the plan in one document and optimized for web viewing, and indexed for easy searching. The next set of links is to the plan broken down into 8 parts. Please be patient while downloading as each part is a very large PDF (may take several minutes to load). If you have issues, or are unable to download, CD copies will available for pick-up upon request – Contact ParksCustomerService@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Great River Passage Plan (All Chapters – Optimized for Web)


* Individual Chapters

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Developing the Master Plan

Chapter 3 – More Natural

Chapter 4 – More Urban

Chapter 5 – More Connected

Chapter 6 – Plan Recommendations

Chapter 7 – Implementation Plan

Plan Appendix



June 16, 2011  Public Meeting

Presentation Boards

Presentation Video

June 16th Celebration Flyer


April 14, 2011  Public Meeting

Presentation Boards

Framework  Boards 1

Framework Boards 2


Community Task Force Section

March 15, 2011 Framework Plans  –  Community Task Force Meeting

Framework Boards

Meeting Notes

December Community Task Force Meeting Notes

January Community Task Force Meeting Notes


12.14.10 – Community Task Force Meeting

01.11.11 – Community Task Force Meeting

04.14.11 – Public Meeting


Nov 8-10 Downtown and Flood Plain Design Forum 3

Public Input Summary

Downtown Concept

Floodplain Concept


Oct 25-28 Gorge and Valley Design Forum 2

Public Input Summary

Concept A

Concept B


Oct 11-15 City-Wide Design Forum 1

Public Input  Summary

Community Connections Diagram

Big Idea Diagram

Armature Diagram

Access and Connections Diagram

Activity Centers Diagram

Potential Redevelopment Diagram

Parks and Open Space Diagram

Framework Objectives Summary


Kickoff event video: River Press on YouTube

Overall Project Schedule

Summary of  Public Input – August 17th Public Meeting

Themes and Planning Principles


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